Some Things Missing

I used to think leaving this old town, would turn things around, for me
Now that I’m so far away, I’m haunted just the same, what I’d do to hear those voices
I guess the things I’m missing are things I’ll never get back
There’s some things I’m missing, some things I’ll never get back

I’ve got to find a way to keep things real, in this plastic dome, some call home
I guess I could always smash the face in, but that’s been done before, and it’s proven to be useless
Those are things I’m missing, the things I’ll never get back
I guess the things that I’m missing, are things I’ll never get back

I’m gonna find it someday……

You know it’s tearing me apart
To try and think of words to say
How people disappoint me in so many different ways
But we’re all in this as one
We’ve got to find a better way
The world will change, I know it will, believing in someday

Words: Alex/Kaslauskas

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