It may look like a waste of time here
Closing eyes forever fill
Broken lines and blurring vision
At speed of light remaining still

So goodbye I’ll say I’m sorry
Already gone goodbyes I gave
It’s present now within this body
Reflective mind and shades of age

And I thought of you today and smiled
I lost myself to space awhile

Life just seems to pass us by
For a better day you know I try
And you’re still the only reason why I stay

You were born as a best friend to me
Trusted as flesh is to blood
Together as one we always will be
Forever respected and loved

Time found a way of slipping us past
And it’s moving faster each year
While seasons do change and this will never last
For now I’m just thankful you’re here
For now I’m just grateful you’re here

Words: Kaslauskas

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