I’m Going Down

Once young- a boy
Life was filled with nothing but joy
New age- new time
Youth is gone but it cries to be mine
Things stay- undone
To foreshadow all the things that will come
Still time- passed by
Leaving the trace of our last goodbye
The thoughts- I’ve seen
Living through life but what does it mean
But you- know me
The addict just wants to be free
Hate burns- my throat
Taste dismay in the words that you wrote
I’ll stand- by you
Pleasure of pain after all we’ve been through

Now here- I am
Follow the path but I don’t think I can
Revive- regress
No longer happily being depressed
Touch eyes- farewell
Taking first steps so please wish me well
Once young- a boy
Life was filled with nothing but joy

Follow the ash of a fire flame
Ascend to the night and be gone
Change to stars in an endless night
A vision perfected in form
And in this glow of heavenly tears
And fires which burn the sky
One thought lies eternal with these
And resides within you and I

Lonely feet grip a tired road
Following steps to a home unknown
A gift of birth in time and space
Bridges burn as I leave this place
This blackened heart will lead the way
Through months and years and everyday
To search for means and answers to
The faults that lie in me and you

Words: Kaslauskas

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