I just woke
From a dream
You won’t believe
The things I’ve seen
My family
My closest friends
Time felt like
It would never end
We shared some laughs
We shared some tears
Our love survived
After all these years
But here’s where I stand
A boy to a man
I’ve grown some
But you know me
Home is where I come from

Cast away
Sleep my daze
Dream of love
That comes from above

God won’t get me through this day
And God won’t answer when I pray
And God won’t talk but that’s okay
God hears all each and everyday
God won’t even take the time
And God won’t help to clear my mind
And God won’t fill this heart of mine
God’s love well that’s a real fine line

You have to find faith in something
But why put it in God?
Look to the face in the mirror
Find faith in the person you are

Words: Kaslauskas

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