Six In One

The leaves they fell
Slowly to the ground
All around

The darkest clouds
Move to close the sun
From everyone

From shadows red
Turning upside down
Without a sound

Are eyes that stare
Fixing on the dawn
The color’s gone

Hey you those things you do
Breaking all apart and crashing straight on through
Hey you
What are you going to do when it falls?
Hey kid those things you did
Breathing down the world and now your head still spins
Hey kid
What are you going to do after all?

Words go round and round
And again
Hands go round and round

Searching for answers
Your silence let’s me know
I needed more of that you
You wouldn’t show
Looking back now
There’s no one clear to blame
Because in the end we’re
Just six in one the same

Words: Kaslauskas

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